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#1 2021-07-23 19:58:41

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My Cinnamon 5 theme is almost ready - BGT v1.6

BGT stands for "Black Green Transparent". The theme is almost ready - there are a few things to change but otherwise it's perfectly useable. It's meant for Cinnamon 5.x.x. IDK whether it will work on older versions of Cinnamon.

Here's a screenshot of it:
(I'm not sure whether I'll break any rule about screenshots size, so I decided not to use the img BBCode bc the image dimensions are 1920x1188)

And here's a link from Google Drive to download: … sp=sharing

The default transparency for the menu and the calendar is 35% (or 65% opacity which is what's used in cinnamon.css). This can be easily changed by anyone bc there are explanations in /* text */ style - some were added by the Cinnamon developers, others were added by me for future use.


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