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[SOLVED] Cursor lag in wayland gnome with Intel Iris XE graphics.


The fix is to add i915.enable_psr=0 to the kernel parameters.


Is there anything that can be done to help prevent cursor lag in Gnome on Wayland? I have a great experience using Gnome on my desktop PC which has an AMD GPU, admittedly a much more powerful one than the Iris XE. I never experienced any UI lag or stuttering at all, but on this laptop I get it constantly. Sometimes it isn't too bad, but when it does get bad the cursor just stops moving every few seconds and it really makes it hard to do anything. Sometimes I notice it when I'm typing text too or scrolling. The display with stop for a moment and the content I'm scrolling will glitch and break up horizontally. It happens if I'm using a mouse or the trackpad.

This is what inxi reports about the device and driver:

Device-1: Intel TigerLake-LP GT2 [Iris Xe Graphics] driver: i915 v: kernel

I've tried changing the performance mode in the BIOS to high performance, but it didn't help. There doesn't seem to be anything consuming my CPU or memory. intel_gpu_top doesn't show any spikes. It happens if I'm plugged into AC or using battery only. There's no powersaving program installed (like TLP). Xorg doesn't give me cursor lag, but it does cause everything else to be far less smooth. Especially scrolling and animations. Plus external display support is much poorer. I'd rather not resort to using Xorg if I can.

KDE Wayland works pretty well but I experience other problems with KDE and I'd prefer to use Gnome if I can.

Disabling all extensions doesn't make a difference.

gnome-shell version is 1:40.3 and everything else is fully up to date. kernel is 5.13.4-zen2-1-zen. Screen resolution is 1920x1200.

Any information I find online says it's an architectural problem with Gnome, but I also see that a lot of work was done to improve this in Gnome 40. This plus my experience being so good on the desktop makes me think there could be another cause.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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