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Gnome packages / gui packages config for menues:

Create custom menus:

First, I should explain a few things:

1. The GNOME menu is GnomeVFS aware - it takes its menu tree from the
"applications///" URI, which is served by GnomeVFS.

2. When the "applications:///" URI is requested, the GnomeVFS libraries first
look at the default structure for the system. Then it looks at any
user-specific changes to that structure, and returns the modified tree to the

3. The "applications:///" tree can be modified in Nautilus, since it appears as
if it were a normal filesystem (that's the beauty of GnomeVFS).

To start off, we're going to create a special subdirectory inside
"applications:///" that's unique for the user. It's pretty simple to do -
first, open Nautilus and enter "applications:///" into the Location bar. You
will be presented with a bunch of icons that correspond to the launchers that
appear on your menu.

Click on the "File" menu and select "New Folder". A new folder icon will
appear. You can change its name to whatever you like - I'm going to use

Right-click on the new folder icon and select "Edit Launcher". This lets you
set an icon, and a name for the folder.

When you have done this, right-click again and select "Properties". You will
also need to set a custom icon - there's a button at the bottom of the dialog
to do this.

Now you can start to populate the directory. You can copy and paste launcher
icons and entire directories from the rest of the "applications:///" tree.

Open a terminal and enter "killall gnome-panel" (remembering that "killall" has
a different behaviour on Solaris). The GNOME session should restart the panel,
and you will see the "Favourites" subdirectory in the menu.

Now, open gconf-editor and browse to "/apps/panel/profiles/default/objects/".
In it there should be a bunch of objects that have random alphanumeric names.
Click on each one in sequence until you find one that has an "object_type" key
with the value "menu-object". This represents the gconf data for the menu

There are a few keys that you can change:

path: This is the GnomeVFS URI that the menu uses. By default it's
"applications:///", but change it to "applications:///Favourites" and it will
use your new directory instead.

custom-icon: leave this unchecked and the menu will take the icon from the
custom icon you set in the "Properties" dialog. If you check it, the icon will
use a standard folder icon.

main-menu: this tells the menu that it is the top-level menu, and will override
all the other settings to present you with the default main menu. This should
be unchecked.

To get your new panel menu working, the gconf keys need to be:

path: "applications:///Favourites"
custom-icon: no
main-menu: no

You need to restart the panel (with another "killall gnome-panel") in order for
the changes to take effect.

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