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A little history about me and nvidia

Here is again "the boy that isn't loved by his nvidia card" ;-)

First of all, i had this problem: … highlight=
Basically, what happened (extracted from the wiki): "XWindows Freezes up completely, Keyboard is unresponsive, but mouse still works".

I resolved it.

Second, with an upgrade of the nvidia driver, this appeared: … highlight=
What is said in that post, is that kdetv was bad.

I resolved it.

But, i didn't said another 2 problems:

1- The brightness with videos played in kafeine didn't work
2- In the "nvdia-settings" app, didn't appear the section related to change the xvideo properties.

This friday i tried again to solve the situation. I removed the composite related things, and, again, i was in the first situation :-( But, in the previous xorg.conf i added, ONLY this:  Option "NvAGP" "0", and it worked.

Now, i haven't the composite extension, but:

- I've 3D aceleration (for using google earth basically)
- The first problem is solved
- The second problem is solved without using any kind of deinterlacing
- I can change the brightness in videos played with kaffeine
- In the "nvdia-settings" app, have appeared the xvideo properties

So, all my problems was related with composite, but desactivating it was not enough, i need Option "NvAGP" "0", or X doesn't start.

Yes, i haven't composite, but the performance of the PC is the same.

Finally, i know that beryl will need that extension. Perhaps with the new driver version i can use it without problems. If not, doesn't matter. I prefer the things work well, than eye-candy things (obviously, don't you?).

And that's all!




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