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Installed Steam with flatpak (now I want to uninstall need help)

So a couple of years back I decided I wanted to play games on my Arch PC, so I took the "easy" way and just used flatpak to install steam and discord for my gaming needs. Its been a few years now and the more I use it the more I realize I don't like it. Games randomly stop launching, I cant really mod stuff because the steam folder is a mess. Its very  difficult to find or modify files within the steam folder, and on top of that I am not even sure if I am really getting the best performance out of some of my favorite games.

So long story short I want to fully uninstall steam and flatpak and redo my whole steam installation, where should I start? Any things I should look out for while uninstalling flatpak.

Flatpak installed a bunch of drivers when it added steam to my computer I am a little concerned about removing them.

I just want to do this in a safe and easy way without worrying about breaking anything, any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Installed Steam with flatpak (now I want to uninstall need help)

The entire point of flatpak is that it's a coherent/cut off system so there should not be an issue removing the flatpak including everything else it installed within the flatpak scope.

The bunch of drivers are compat layers within flatpak they won't have an effect on the rest of your system.

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Re: Installed Steam with flatpak (now I want to uninstall need help)

If you just want to uninstall the flatpak version of steam and install the native one you can do this:
(Keep in mind that maybe is not the solution and does NOT solve anything, but you can always try. I fixed several problems just by doing things like that)

For uninstalling a flatpak:

First list your installed packages with:

flatpak list

(This will display also additional info like the app ID. The ID is used to uninstall it so copy it.)

Then, proceed to uninstall with:

flatpak uninstall <aplication-ID>

Now you have the Steam flatpak uninstalled.

Installing Steam
To install Steam you can just do:

pacman -S steam

and it should be good.

I hope this helped. This is my second post, so sorry for any inconveniences or errors. wink

(Remember to use sudo tongue )

Sorry about my English, still learning.


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