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Re: Tabby: a tabbed-tiling wayland compositor

I’ll have to wait until it happens again or build a package and see if I get this anomaly as I never tried to scroll with the mouse. Didn’t know foot could do that.

edit:  Just built an old game I used to play and there was lots of screen scrolling and foot was fine.  Maybe it's some kind of weird interaction between foot and pacman.  I usually only upgrade Arch once a week so next time I'll see if anything happens and if it's a foot issue that's not really your concern.

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Re: Tabby: a tabbed-tiling wayland compositor

Also check whether hitting enter (in that foot window) results in the text moving.

If the foot window has completely stopped rendering that could be a compositor (tabby) issue; but actually if that were the case it would vanish as soon as there was any frame drawn (i.e. immediately).  If foot is not able to send updated buffers to tabby *might* also be a tabby issue.  But otherwise the compositor is not relevant for what is / isn't drawing within the foot window.

The only other possibly compositor-relevant issue is if the foot surface/window is too big and the bottom is really just below a screen edge.  I'm not sure how this could happen - but at least theoretically it could result in symptoms like you describe - but you'd then almost certainly see other windows being cut off at the bottom all the time.

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