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Signal Install and Configuration

I've noticed there isn't currently an Article in the Wiki for using Signal.

At the same time; I've found several packages in the AUR for Signal, along with the Signal-Desktop in the main Package repos.

I'd like to learn how to set up and configure properly; though I suspect that Signal-Desktop is quite straight forward.

Is there a detailed explanation of the various packages in the AUR?

How does the Signal-web-gateway work? Like a proxy or Redirect?

What's the use case for the Signalk-Server?  Is this meant to act as a relay for Voice and Video?


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Re: Signal Install and Configuration

You can always click the "upstream URL" for more information (or check the PKGBUILD and related files in case of minor patches). That tells me:

SignalK is something completely different ("for boaters"). The web gateway is "for other apps (reporting, monitoring, etc.)" that can POST messages via HTTP, which the gateway translates to the signal protocol. signald seems to offer something similar but uses JSON messages over a unix socket and it has a list of clients that implement its protocol. signal-cli also mentions a DBUS interface in addition to the command line.

What's left is things to deal with backups and versions of the desktop client (beta/binary/noto emojis).


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Re: Signal Install and Configuration

You can click through to the AUR sources and do your own research to check what the purpose of each is.

signal-web-gateway seems be for sending automated messages in scripts and the like, and signalk has no relation whatsoever to signal the messaging framework but seems to be marine/boat/ship tooling.

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Re: Signal Install and Configuration

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