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makedeb - Create Debian archives from PKGBUILDs

This is a project I started a while back, but it's since grown quite a lot and I'd thought I'd give another shot with sharing it out with y'all.

First off, what is makedeb? Well, if you didn't already get it from the title, makedeb takes PKGBUILD files and uses them to create and package up a Debian archive. Everything uses the same syntax as that of normal PKGBUILDs, and simply has some additions to better serve users on Debian-based systems [1].

The main reason I made this is that I'm, in the least, not very fond on learning Debian's "traditional" building tools. When you look at something like the PKGBUILD format, it is (in my humble opinion) just so much easier to create and maintain packages with.

In a gist, the whole project is basically just to satisfy my packaging needs after going back to Ubuntu from being on Arch for a bit.

Installing makedeb
Full instructions for installing makedeb can be found in makedeb's docs [2] (I wouldn't peek around at the rest of the documentation; it's currently undergoing a rewrite and might be of questionable quality). You can also find the source code for makedeb itself on GitHub [3] where the whole project's development takes place.

[1]: … uild-specs

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makedeb: create Debian archives from PKGBUILDs


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