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zfs-linux requires old version of linux

Arch noob here. zfs-linux depends on linux-5.14.6.arch1-1 but the newest version of linux is 5.14.7. As far as I know, pacman does not have the capability to install old package version (not really sure why on this, seems like a bad design?) I'm pretty much mid way through the arch on zfs install and not sure if this is a show stopper and I should install on a supported filesystem or if there is some work around. Any ideas? … Arch_Linux


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Re: zfs-linux requires old version of linux

DKMS and the -lts kernel is the way to go with zfs root, IMO. The module will be automatically rebuilt on kernel upgrades, and you don't have to worry so much about it not building with new releases.


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Re: zfs-linux requires old version of linux

Moving to AUR issues.

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