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#1 2021-10-05 15:40:12

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Psi (the XMPP messenger) package does very suspicious things


I installed community/psi 1.5-1 and community/psi-plugins 1.4-1

Now I find this in my user directory: ~/.local/share/psi

.  ..  p10k-dump-.zsh.zwc  p10k-instant-prompt-.zsh.zwc
.  ..  blocks
.  ..  _README
.  ..  default
.  ..  history
.  ..
.  ..  steam.token

I am still investigating this but wanted to check if anyone already know what this is for. It's certainly weird that it uses IPFS and extracts a Steam token.

EDIT: It looks more like a bug of the first run Profile import. I tried it in a firejail with an empty home. It seems to duplicate everything from the home directory into ~/.local/share/psi creating a recursion loop and then a crash.

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