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Changing refresh rate does not have any effect (MSI Stealth GS66 11UH)

I've recently purchased a very high-end laptop "MSI Stealth GS66 11UH" (exact model with link to specs: 11UH-094PL). This model has 240hz display.

Issue is that even if 240hz is set in display settings, the actual refresh rate is still locked to 60hz, no matter what settings I change.

Tried using these combinations/workarounds/fixes, but nothing helps:
- Gnome+wayland
- Gnome+Xorg
- Plasma+Xorg
- Setting "custom resolution" using xrandr method
- Installing xf86-video-intel
- Ubuntu 21.04 (not an Arch, I know, but it's still showing everything in 60fps)

When booting up Windows 11 installer, the refresh rate is definitely above 60hz. When entering bios, refresh rate is also above 60hz. This issue is seem to be Linux-exclusive and I have no clue how to troubleshoot it further.

Any tips/guidance is appreciated.

EDIT 1: Refresh rate works fine on Ubuntu (safe graphics) live mode. Investigating the difference.

EDIT 2: Found bug report for this issue: EDID cannot be changed to support 2K at 240Hz (or I just have no clue how to do it, seems I cannot enter value high enough?). Using only Nvidia GPU is not a solution to me.

I am sticking to Windows as 60Hz is unbearable to me. Until it's fixed, I would be more than happy to switch to Linux:)

Also created this page where I described all my issues/tips about this laptop, including this issue with this refresh rate issue:

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