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Only 2 speakers out of 4 work on ASUS UX550VD (ALC295)

The ASUS UX550VD system has 4 speakers - 2 at top and 2 at bottom. I'm not sure if the bottom ones are subs or regular speakers - in Windows I can hear mostly the same sound from all speakers. So it sounds like those are regular speakers, though I might be mistaken.

But in Linux only the 2 top speakers work.

Tried playing with model= settings in snd-hda-intel modprobe, hdajackretask, pavucontrol (setting to 2.1, 4.0, etc) all to no avail - no amount of jack retasking results in *any* sound from the bottom two speakers.

Also tried with the latest kernel 5.14 and ALSA. Still no sound from the bottom speakers.

Here's the alsa-info output (from Debian-testing, but result is same under Arch and Ubuntu): … 52fc8aef72

How to debug this? Is there a way to "steal" correct HDA pin config from a running Windows setup?

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