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[SOLVED] Red tint after login/wake from suspend

I have recently started experiencing a drastic change in color temperature (very much like the effect of redshift) immediately after starting Openbox and after waking from suspend. I have the redshift service disabled, and I have also tried removing the package altogether, with no success. I cannot trace this issue to a particular update or configuration change.

Applying `xcalib -a -c` restores the default color temperature until the next sleep cycle or reboot. Not sure where to go from here - open to any suggestions.

Edit: This issue bugged me for two full weeks. I even switched to i3 "cold turkey" in an attempt to escape from this effect, which worked until the first sleep/wake cycle.

Anyway, to anyone else in a similar predicament years from now - the problem was caused by autorandr, which I had executed to re-save my default profile while redshift was running. Apparently, autorandr saves not only the combination of active displays and properties such as resolution, but also their current color temperature. Another save of the default profile after the color temperature has been reset (xcalib -a -c) ultimately saved me from this red-tinted hell.

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