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Trouble getting gnome-keyring to work with i3

Hi there,

I want to use gnome-keyring to quick access some credentials. I however have problems setting it up together with i3wm.

I followed the instructions in the wiki and up to and including the PAM step everything is fine.
The start step is problematic however. I use i3wm together with Ly as my display manager and Ly does not autostart gnome-keyring as other display managers (as mentioned on the wiki page).

The following code was not working in my ~/.bash_profile

if [ -n "$DESKTOP_SESSION" ];then
    eval $(gnome-keyring-daemon --start)
    export SSH_AUTH_SOCK

I modified it to

eval $(gnome-keyring-daemon --start)

I also run these line from my ~/.config/i3/config file to load these things on startup

exec_always source ~/.bash_profile

Additionally there is this problem:

[sapiens@computer ~]$ ssh-add -L
Error connecting to agent: Connection refused

Sourcing the bash_profile from i3 is probably not the intended way to do this. Also running the ssh-add commands results in an error message so I don't know whats is wrong with that. Any hints how to properly do this are appreciated!

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