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Custom processing when printing using CUPS

I'm looking for some advice on how to add a custom step when printing using CUPS where I have the opportunity to do some custom processing.

My concrete goal is to have something like: Print on queue A -> MyLogic -> Printer prints the document!

Where MyLogic would analyse the image to determine where it would be least obtrusive to insert a text box, and then insert said text box and let the job continue to be printed.

I've tried to read up on how to do this but I'd really appreciate some advice on how to "jack into" the CUPS printing pipeline to do something like this.

Maybe what I need to do is to create a custom filter and add it to the ppd for the printer? Or maybe I need to use tea4cups? Has anyone done anything similar? What format(s) do MyLogic need to handle? And what formats can it pass along?

Any and all help would be appreciated!


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