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#1 2021-10-13 21:12:14

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Evolution-on tray icons will not show up using kde

I sort of have two issues here.
The first is simply that I don't get a tray icon when using Evolution-on, I am assuming this is some weird thing with kde, maybe wayland. I configured it to send Evolution to the tray when started, so now I can't open Evolution to configure Evolution-on. I have to uninstall Evolution-on to see my mail.
The second would be that I don't know how to reset Evolution-on's settings, after uninstalling the plugin it retains the settings, so I can't just keep the plugin installed while I debug it.

Edit: This is not an issue when using X11

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Re: Evolution-on tray icons will not show up using kde

GNOME programs save their settings in /home/.config/dconf/user. To restore the default settings, you must delete the user file.

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