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Simple editor with syntax highlighting and "jump to error"

o is a small and simple editor written in Go.

Screenshot of o

It uses the VT100 terminal codes, so it's a bit limited. For instance, ctrl-n and ctrl-p is used to scroll up and down instead of PgDn and PgUp.

It also includes GUI front end written in C++ (using VTE) named ko.

One unique feature is the ability to copy and paste within and across files by using portals (ctrl-r to toggle a portal on the current line, ctrl-v to paste through portals when a portal is active).

It can also be used for viewing man pages with MANPAGER=o, if in a pinch. It also works well together with git with i.e. EDITOR=o git commit.

ctrl-space can be pressed to compile programs, for a wide range of programming languages.

The time it takes to go from blank file to a compiled C program is pretty good, if cxx (a utility for compiling simple C and C++ programs with no configuration needed) is also installed. Just:

  • o main.c

  • Press ctrl-w to insert a template.

  • Press ctrl-space to compile the program.

o is also intended to be a good fit for i.e. learning Zig while trying to solve Advent of Code tasks.

It jumps directly to the locstion of the first error when ctrl-space is pressed.

It's not revolutionary, but I use it every day.


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