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[SOLVED]Panel size increasing abruptly after update

Hey there, yesterday after i updated my system and when i restarted awesome the font size in awesome panel increased automatically and even configuring rc.lua doesn't work. After i check for another window manager (qtile) even they are behaving the same way.

I tried checking the resolution but it is normal and even the applications are having normal resolution, is there an update that might have broken something?
also i think i should mention that mow my laptop has started lagging sometimes (it just freezes) even though when i see the ram usage its normal and nothing is eating up ram to hang the system (hope that makes sense)

I am happy to provide more info if required, thank you

SOLUTION: apparently there was a new update today and it solved everything, thank you everyone for your help

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Re: [SOLVED]Panel size increasing abruptly after update

xorg-server 21-related?


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