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TeX-7: an ftplugin for vim

Dear all,

TeX-7 is a vim ftplugin for writing LaTeX files. It is a fork of Elias Toivanen's TeX-9 plugin, first presented in this forum a decade ago [1]. I named it TeX-7 because I originally planed it to be a toned-down version of TeX-9, where I would remove some stuff I didn't quite like (LaTeX template files, for example). It didn't quite pan out like that however: while I did remove stuff I did not like (and fixed some outstanding bugs), I ended up adding a bunch of stuff of my own: fuzzy completion, much improved jumping between, say, \ref and \label (among others), previewing of included graphics, new super-useful maps for inserting commands and environments (and renaming or v-selecting the latter), etc. So in the end, the "toned-down" part kind of didn't happen. The full manual can be read online [2].

Nevertheless, to me at least, it hardly feels bloated: much like TeX-9 -- which I really like, and I used for years -- it retains the vimish feeling of use. So, in the hopes that it might be useful to someone else, here it goes to the community :-) It is available at github [3], but I also provide a PKGBUILD [4].

Lastly, I should say that I have been using this plugin, at its current state, for a couple of months, and I am quite happy with it, so I don't really see myself adding any features any time soon. Still, the plugin is thoroughly documented, so I hope that, should there be the need to hack it, it proves relatively straightforward. Have fun!






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