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#1 2021-11-22 06:48:04

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xampp php version 7.x

I follow this tutorial to install xampp
But how to install specific version of php. Ex: 7.2 ?


#2 2021-11-24 15:42:18

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Re: xampp php version 7.x

Not recommended.
Do you really have a need for those versions?
Are you supporting some legacy software that absolutely must run under PHP 7.2?
PHP has excellent backwards compatibility, you can find a lot of guides on how to port your application to the latest available version.
If you absolutely, positively must use older versions take a look at how to build docker development environments.
Also, you can always build your LAMP stack manually.
Arch has all the components in the default repositories, with the caveat that PHP is on the version 8.0 with 7.4 in separate packages for backwards compatibility reasons.
You'll need to configure everything yourself, true, but It's a learning experience I'd recommend.
You are on Arch after all so configuring things shouldn't be new to you.

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