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#1 2021-12-24 14:35:17

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Hunspell dictionary

in I noticed that the Occitan Hunspell dictionary wasn't there any more.
I think it was linked to a Firefox extension no longer available.
So I take the occasion to add it:
the .dic and .aff files are hosted there: … ster/Files

For the Aspell dictionary, I made a package here: … stribution

Who should I contact to add these packages?

Since I am here, I noticed two packages for Aspell:
The Catalan Aspell is here: … .0.tar.bz2

The French Aspell is here:

Best regards

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Re: Hunspell dictionary

Quentí wrote:

Who should I contact to add these packages?

You can add them to the AUR yourself, see the wiki for instructions on how to do this.
I can't seem to find the deletion request on the mailing lists, so I don't know why it was deleted. Maybe it is already provided by another package or it was unmaintained. it would be useful to have a link to such a discussion.
If you need help writing a PKGBUILD there is a subforum for that as well here. But as there seem to be an abundance of hunspell- packages in the official repos and AUR you should also look at those for guidance.

Quentí wrote:

..., I made a package here:

You seem to confuse tarballs with packages. A tarball (or tar archive) is just a collection of files bundled together.
A package is a tarball with a very specific format that pacman can understand. These are build from PKGBUILD files. The archive you provided is not a package pacman is able to install.

Looking at your other example

Quentí wrote:

Since I am here, I noticed two packages for Aspell:

These are not packages themselves but the upstream sources from which the packages are build. In this case: aspell and aspell-ca.
To get a better understanding of how this is done see the `Source Files` link at those pages.


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