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#1 2022-01-06 07:27:27

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archlinux in crostini is missing /dev/dri

I've followed the instructions on … s/Crostini on my HP Premium Chromebook 14b-na0255ng.

For wayland support the instructions say to start a systemd sommelier service.

This service fails because the /dev/dri directory is missing.  (To be more specific the service checks if the file: /dev/dri/renderD128 exists.

The provided debian penguin image does have the /dev/dri folder.

What can I do to enable the graphics card?


#2 2022-01-06 13:30:02

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Re: archlinux in crostini is missing /dev/dri

The images downloaded from appear to be provided by lxc , not by archlinux community.
Also the reddit guide which the instructions on the crostini page are based on is 2 years old, which for archlinux is an eternity.

That means we have no idea how they are created and can't support them.

Maybe is useful for you, esepcially the part about priviliged / unpriviliged containers.

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Disliking systemd intensely, but not satisfied with alternatives so focusing on taming systemd.
Did you use the guided installer ? If yes, I can't help you.

(A works at time B)  && (time C > time B ) ≠  (A works at time C)


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