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Struggling with OpenGL 2.x to 3.x transition now

Hi guys,

in I posted about some problems I had with porting a nice little physics education app from GTK to GTK2 and even GTK3. Thanks to the help that I got there, it was possible to finalize the GTK2 port (, but unfortunately the GTK3 port is a tougher nut to crack( With some help at … 1006507786 I now know that I need to port the OpenGL related part of the code to a newer OpenGL API version (3.2+). I have also managed to enable the debugging for the OpenGL code and get error codes telling me what is wrong. Unfortunately, these error codes are not very specific, so I still don't really know how to go about rewriting the GL related code...

I tried to search for some kind of migration instructions from OpenGL 2.x to 3.2+, but couldn't find any. So the current situation is: I don't know the old API, I don't know the new API and I don't know what the code is doing. Looks like a challenge to me! big_smile So I am wondering, maybe there is somebody with some experience with GL stuff and can recommend some reading about such a migration?

Thanks in advance and have a good year 2022!

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