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After I switched from GNOME to KDE, laptop does not sleep on lid close

On GNOME if I closed the lid, it goes to sleep correctly. On KDE, in system settings, the option to go to sleep on lid close is missing:

The lid closed is detected, in fact here is the journalctl log:
Jan 10 09:51:28 Archy systemd-logind[527]: Lid closed.
Jan 10 09:51:28 Archy root[2260]: LID closed
Jan 10 09:51:36 Archy systemd-logind[527]: Lid opened.
Jan 10 09:51:36 Archy root[2264]: LID opened

but nothing happens.

I also edited the logind.conf file but does not help:

If I do systemctl suspend or if I click on Sleep kde button, it goes to sleep, the question is why it does not go to sleep automatically?

Also, if I suspend with systemctl suspend or via Sleep button, and then close the lid... if I reopen the lid, it automatically wakes up! So it appears that the bug is ONLY when I try to suspend...

By now, the workaround is installing acpid, and force the suspend from there, here is the relevant part from /etc/acpi/ :
        case "$3" in
                systemctl suspend
                logger 'LID closed'
                logger 'LID opened'
                logger "ACPI action undefined: $3"

reported here: and here: … issues/165 if you want more info

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