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Having issues booting into Arch LiveUSB on MacbookPro 8,3 (Early 2011)

Hi all!

I'm having some issues trying to install arch on my old MacbookPro 8,3. I have a proper live ISO installed on a spare USB drive I had lying around, but whenever I try to boot in via UEFI on the system it freezes up after systemd-boot's timer starts counting down. I did try what the arch wiki page for this laptop says ( … stallation ) and tried added radeon.modeset=0 to the boot params, but the same problem occurs.

Has anyone had a similar issue with this model laptop? I can't seem to find a solution for this anywhere.

Quick edit:

I should probably mention that this laptop does NOT have a failed ATI GPU chip, unless they're just considered failed by default. I've repasted this and it doesn't have any issues that I'm able to detect.

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