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#1 2022-01-11 21:01:44

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PCSX2 doesn't recognize gamepad

I have a Logitech F510 gamepad, which is recognized by the system, through lsub, and I have my user account in input group … figuration

I have the PS2 emulator PCSX2 1.7.2101 and it doesn't recognize the gamepad, even through Menu > Config > Gamepad Settings.

Bus 003 Device 003: ID 046d:c218 Logitech, Inc. F510 Gamepad [DirectInput Mode]
groups marvix
wheel input users vboxusers wireshark marvix

How can be this solved?


#2 2022-01-13 11:52:13

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Re: PCSX2 doesn't recognize gamepad

the system sees a device on the usb bus yes, and uses vid and pid id numbers to print a name for the device.
this is what lsusb shows you, this does not mean the OS, actually can make use of this device. there might still be drivers or firmware missing.

do you have xpad installed or similiar? might help.


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