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#1 2004-02-20 11:26:12

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kernel 2.4.24 to 2.4.25 - wireless lost

Sorry, I have some wireless stress.

Pacman asked me, if I would update kernel 2.4.24 to 2.4.25 from current. I felt lucky, thought it was a good idea because of latest security leaks in the kernels. After doing what pacman does, I use kernel 2.4.25. Now, wireless lan won't work anymore. I thought it could be some missmatch because 2.4.25 is rather new, and maybe pcmcia-cs or wlan-ng won't fit. Therefore, I tried kernel26 from current. Nothing better here. Reinstalled wireless_tools; wlan-ng and pcmcia-cs won't help. I think I have to go back to kernel 2.4.24, but is it yet available, and how to downgrade an app with arch tools?

Neverless, if somewone has a better idea to get wireless lan working using arch's custom kernels, any idea is welcome.


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#2 2004-02-20 15:54:16

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Re: kernel 2.4.24 to 2.4.25 - wireless lost

pcmcia-cs may be your problem as it generally has to be compiled against the running kernel.

if you can recompile it somehow then it should technically work. if i am not mistaken this is what you need to do.

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#3 2004-02-20 17:11:08

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Re: kernel 2.4.24 to 2.4.25 - wireless lost

It's the wlan-ng package.  It hasn't been compiled for the new kernel yet.  I'm not at home right now, but I'll see if I can get one of the other devs to do it.

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