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untitled-spotifyd-controller - A Panel Indicator for spotifyd


untitled-spotifyd-controller is a small Go utility I wrote to display track info from spotifyd and control playback, via spotifyd's dbus interface. It can toggle play/pause, stop, prev track, and next track. It currently can output track info in either plain text, or as a JSON string that works with waybar's status widgets. I don't use any other panels or status indicators, so please feel free to contribute any others!

Current issues:
* Can't display track info for Podcasts. This is a limitation of spotifyd, which currently can't report that metadata to dbus
* Sometimes, spotifyd itself just stops reporting metadata to dbus, and untitled-spotifyd-controller will report "Not Playing", even when a track is playing. Unsure if it's an issue with spotifyd or something else ( Try restarting spotifyd.service if you see this


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