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Touchpad feels laggy - low polling rate issue?


i've got an HP laptop with a Synaptics Touchpad. It feels a bit laggy so i checked the polling rate with


and it reports an average of 45 Hz. Pretty low.
I deactivated Wayland because there was a warning when i checked the devices with xinput

WARNING: xinput is running against an Xwayland server.

and the reported rate was around 60 hz. It feels a bit better but it's not ideal.
Now I changed the psmouse option

options psmouse rate=130

inside the psmouse.conf which i created in


but that didn't do anything. same output from evhz and feels the same too.
Next step was to change psmouse to

 options psmouse proto=imps 

Now it feels like heaven xD. The reported polling rate is now around 75 Hz. (In windows on the same machine i checked it online with mouse rate checker and it is 130 Hz)
Only problem now is that i don't get multitouch enabled so two finger scrolling and things like that won't work.
After every change in the config file I restarted the psmouse module.

Now.. is there a way to either use multitouch with imps or to change the polling rate to anything higher without the imps option? Or am i missing something completely different?


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