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pass-paste: an extension for pass: the standard unix password manager

Elsewhere myself wrote:

This extension could best be described as a better version of the `pass -c` option/command.

Where as `pass -c` uses the clipboard, does this extension use `xdotool`, `xprop` and `xwininfo`.

The benefits are:

- No hurry is needed because the clipboard may be cleared before you are ready
- No dbus involved, which was indeed the trigger to write this extension
- No worry if the clipboard kept the secrets due to some malfunction
- No unneeded exposure of secrets to each application or listeners, like KDE-Connect

To be honest, this solution doesn't work as best as it could. Best would be to *"paste"* by
middle mouse button, just as usual. But `xprop`, which is used to select the target window,
doesn't have an option `-button` like `xkill`. This limitation is more bothersome than expected.


Run `pass paste` instead of `pass -c`. The secrets will be "copied" into the window where you next
click with the mouse, no matter with which button. So, the only thing you have to care for, don't
click the wrong window. Consequently you can't use some task bar to switch to to desired window.

See for more github
Or try direct from AUR

Edit: Add AUR, some fixes

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