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Linux kernel 2.6.19 is out!

Linux 2.6.19 includes the clustering GFS2 filesystem;
the first experimental version of EXT4 (aimed at developers),
support for the Atmel AVR32 architecture,
sleepable RCU,
improvements for NUMA-based systems,
a "-o flush" mount option aimed at FAT-based hotpluggable media devices (mp3),
physical CPU hotplug and memory hot-add in x86-64,
support for compiling x86 kernels with the GCC stack protection,
vectored async I/O,
Netlabel subsystem,
allow to disable compilation of the block layer,
IDE Parallel-ATA drivers based in libata,
Granular IPSec associations for use in MLS environments,
add the Netlabel subsystem,
Mobile IPv6 (RFC 3775),
some new drivers,
improved support for many already existing drivers,
and many other things.

Detailed "human readable" list of changes is here:

Sadly, sata_nv-adma-ncq-support-for-nforce4-v7.patch is not inlcuded. sad
To arch devs: can it be included in kernel26? IIRC it was not included not because of instability, but just because it was not merged before feature freeze.

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