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#1 2006-12-01 15:17:41

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GDM does not appear back after logging out from Gnome.


I am tryingout Archlinux for the first time. I am able to goto run level 5 and after booting I get the GDM login screen. I can log in to Gnome. But when I log out from Gnome, GDM does not appear, but I get a black screen. Then, the only way to come out is to press the reset button.

What may be the problem?

Thanks for your help.



#2 2006-12-01 23:34:44

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Re: GDM does not appear back after logging out from Gnome.

it may depend on how ur running gdm, (possibly with -*no-daemon option) .. in which case it'd prolly werk if u removed it...

although i'd recommend using rc.conf instead as it's a lot cleaner...

to use /etc/rc.conf

add gdm to the DAEMONS;
mine = "DAEMONS=(gdm @syslog-ng @network @alsa @httpd)"
that starts gdm(in daemon mode), then starts syslog-ng,net*,alsa and apache in the background .. save me about 6 seconds when i background em.

then you need to change the default runlevel in /etc/inittab to 3 (not 5)

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