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#1 2022-03-04 00:21:59

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unable to get the /sys/class/typec interface

Question: I want to look at parameters under /sys/class/typec, but on my laptop, this doesn't show up. When I load the typec module manually, the directory appears but it is empty. After loading tcpm module, nothing happens.

How do I get the /sys/class/typec interface? How can I know if it is even supported? If it isn't, why not -- does my hardware not expose the controls? Are drivers missing? etc.

My latop is magicbook 14,kpl-w00, which has one usb type-c port using xhci_hcd driver, can i switch it to tcpm?

Right now my system cannot recognize plugin-in and plugin-out event, i can only charge the laptop while the system is turned off.


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Re: unable to get the /sys/class/typec interface

Hi, I have a similary problem:
When I have my USB-C docking (with USB PD) plugged in during boot, it recognizes the connected USB devices (mouse,keyboard) aswell as the Screens (with DP alt mode), but not the power delivery, so the notebook is not charging. The /sys/class/typec/ "folder" is there, but empty. When I re-plug the USB-C docking station a few times, eventually everything is working and I have the /sys/class/typec/ "folder" filled and the system is charging.
I tried rmmod and modprobing the typec module and others, but this does not change.
I need a way to re-initialize the detection without re-plugging the cables all the time (re-detecting the screens takes > 10s and sometimes other USB devices are not detected until reboot).

Notebook: Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen6 … en6.tuxedo
USB-C Docking Station: Cheap China thing … C90&sr=8-3


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