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#1 2022-03-29 12:00:37

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pacseek - A terminal user interface for searching packages

pacseek is a tui application which aims to provide a simple interface for looking up repository, as well as AUR packages.

After entering a search term, the sync DB's and AUR is being searched for matching package names.
There are two search modes: "Starts with", matching all names that begin with the search term and "contains" where the term can be anywhere in the name.

The matching package names are presented in a list.
By navigating through the list and focusing a package name, additional information is being shown.

Package installation/removal can be triggered with ENTER. With the default config, yay is being used for this.
A settings form with several configuration options can be opened with CTRL+S

AUR: pacseek / pacseek-bin
Source: Github repo

Demo: pacseek in action

Have fun,


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Re: pacseek - A terminal user interface for searching packages

Nice job - Thanks!


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