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#1 2006-12-04 19:12:18

From: Denmark - Møn
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A browser problem

Well got this funny problem.

I have a Mediecenter installed with Arch 0.7.2 and MythTV with all the plugins.

But when I want to access Mythweb using and windows (ie6 & ie7) the page cannot be displayed - but using Firefox there's no problem.

When I use ieX i get the promt (.htaccess) and after the correct username and passwd - the page cannot be displayed ??? Is this normal or is it a funny fuck'up setting somehow/somewhere ???

Hopefully someone can help me with this problem - cause I have 2 other servers running apache etc without any problems at all ??


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#2 2006-12-07 15:58:01

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Re: A browser problem

Open IE's configuration and add your MythTV's address to the trusted zones list. Than set the trusted zones' security to low (if it isn't already).

Whenever a page doesn't load properly, that's what I do with IE (if I'm sure the page I want to load is safe).

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