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Change BIOS settings when PC detects USB

My current arch installation is on an SSD in an enclosure that I connect to my PC via a USB-C to USB-B connector. Is there any way for me to make it so that my PC automatically detects the drive, and puts it at the top of the boot order? (So I can have the PC boot to Windows when the drive isn't attached, and grub (Arch) when it is attached.)

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Re: Change BIOS settings when PC detects USB

as you said " Change BIOS settings"



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Re: Change BIOS settings when PC detects USB

Make sure Fast Boot in firmware is disabled, as that delays the detection of usb devices until an OS has started .

Other then that, what you want is default behaviour .
Entries in boot order for devices that are not present will be skipped.

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Did you use the guided installer ? If yes, I can't help you.

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