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How can I turn on monohromatic colors on linux?

Hi, everyone! I want to make my linux black-white. How can I do this?


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Re: How can I turn on monohromatic colors on linux?

This is not a Forum or Wiki discussion.

Nor is it a question that can be answered without more information. You don't make "your linux" black and white, it is your desktop environment theme. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Gnome. So read this:

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Re: How can I turn on monohromatic colors on linux?

If you really want the entire display to be grayscale (desaturated) this will depend on your display server and compositor.
The binary nvidia X11 driver also has a "digital vibrance" feature which in its lowest setting will result in a grayscale display - otherwise you'll likely have to rely on some shader for whatever compositor you're running (at least I'm not aware of other implementations and you won't  get this through the gamma ramps)

Using an 8bit grayscale X11 server isn't a good idea since a lot of software (and toolkits) will blindly rely on 24/32 bits per pixel.


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