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Anbox not working

So  I insatlled anbox today and whenever I install something it gives me a error -

 [rounak@archissexy Downloads]$ adb install 'com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact_2.6.0_6179196_6305792-364_minAPI21(arm64-v8a)(nodpi)'
Performing Streamed Install
adb: failed to install com.miHoYo.GenshinImpact_2.6.0_6179196_6305792-364_minAPI21(arm64-v8a)(nodpi) Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-113]
[rounak@archissexy Downloads]$ 

I don't know what to do I followed the whole Anbox topic and I installed the "android-tools". I clicked on the build number 7 times to enable usb debugging.
Here is the output of adb devices -

 [rounak@archissexy Downloads]$ adb devices
List of devices attached
emulator-5558	device

[rounak@archissexy Downloads]$ 

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