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Function keys automation of pacman and other commands

I have written a program in bash to use the function keys to automate commands for pacman and other commands to maintain system and make life easier than typing commands every time.
I have a page setup on Github also at

so for example instead of typing pacman -Syu everytime, i have assigned it to F12 key so simply pressing F12 invokes the command and no need for pressing enter key,
likewise i have assigned my regular commands i use and added to other function keys  F1 - F11 also i have made some function keys with sub menus to invoke further commands by simply pressing keys 0 - 9 to choose the command to be carried out.

Just add the appropriate key assignments to .bashrc and download any other extra programs like screenfetch, expac, hddtemp, sensors and weather and speed check which are assigned to the appropriate Function keys or No keys.

I did these programs a few years back, Pb power bar, system_info and lot all written in bash shell script and for terminal use.

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