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vesa vs neomagic - brightness problem [SOLVED]

Hello, just posting here in case any one else has the same problem.

On a laptop using vesa video driver, I had a problem when switching from virtual console back to X (and also when waking up from standby): the brightness of the LCD dropped compared to before leaving X (going to standby). No changes were made on the screen controls, so it was a driving problem (as if the driving voltage had been dropped).

I was using vesa driver because it seemed to perform better (more smoothly) than the neomagic drivers... but the problem was resolved by switching back to the neomagic drivers.

Lesson learnt: best to use the drivers for the video card if they exist than the generic ones.

The low performance of the neomagic was due to colour depth setting in /etc/X11/xorg.conf - set to 24 instead of 16.

Problem solved.


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