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Build Arch system with aur-chroot based on busybox

Hello, is there a method or a tool to build a Arch Linux system with arch-chroot (or other chroot like tool) which is able to create a filesystem which in turn is based on Busybox? The idea is of course to build a very minimalistic system to boot from. I would like to add more binaries and tools on top of this busybox from the arch repo as well as keeping the pacman package system to enhance with even more packages.

Is there a neat solutions for that?

Thank you

BR Christian


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Re: Build Arch system with aur-chroot based on busybox

Is this system supposed to boot on bare metal or from inside an already booted (archlinux) one ?

For both ways you'll need to read up on .
I also suggest you check .

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Did you use the guided installer ? If yes, I can't help you.

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