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[aur] Gogs customization


I asked this question on the  Gogs forum first but received no answer, so I'm hoping to get some hints from the Arch packagers.

I installed Gogs from the AUR: and now I'd like to customize its default theme and logo.

The templating documentation in the Gogs docs specifies the "templates/" and "custom/templates/" directories as the locations to look for, but I cannot find those in the list of files provided by the Arch package. Furthermore, I cannot find any of the CSS and image assets that are served by the Gogs web server in the package files.

Is it possible to modify a template in this kind of setup? Or do I need to work off the source code and deploy the application myself?

Note: I have no knowledge of how Go source code and assets are compiled and packaged. I just want to edit web assets.


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Re: [aur] Gogs customization

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