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No boot with hardware RAID controller

My Supermicro system (X11SSH mobo /Xeon CPU) has been running for years with an NVME SSD for the system drive and an Intel RS3DC080 hardware RAID controller to handle the "big array".  This arrangement has worked fine under both Ubuntu and OpenSuSE Linux, but for reasons, I decided I wanted to now run this server with Arch.  Installed Arch without the RAID controller plugged in, and everything is cool.  But, with the RAID controller, it freezes up about the time the login prompt appears.  Now, to be fair, Intel's compatibility listing shows this card works with Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, and RHEL, but does not list Arch or Manjaro, so this may be a futile effort, but I've just got to believe there's some kind of firmware or other fix out there that can get this working. I mean, if Ubuntu can do it, why can't Arch?

Anyhow, here's a link to the system journals (zipped) - Logs in txt format - the short one is the failed boot with the RAID controller plugged in, and the long one is the good boot without the RAID controller.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Would hate to have to go backwards on this.



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