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Unable to change audio output of individual electron application


I've just set up virtual devices in pipewire so that I can better sort out different types of audio content, mainly when recording. I've created two devices that I route the audio through before sending it to my output devices, one of them being "Music" for everything music related and the other being "Main Output" for the rest.
But when switching audio outputs in pavucontrol for electron applications, such as routing the output of my music player (Cider) to the "Music" sink, all other electron applications (namely discord and obsidian) also output their audio to that sink.

Has anyone else encountered that issue?

System shenanigans:
- Kde Plasma
- pipewire for audio (with pipewire-pulse for pulseaudio emulation)
- System is up to date


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Re: Unable to change audio output of individual electron application

They probably share the sink name which is used to determine default routing, You might be able to create matching rules to differentiate the names of the sinks that are created: … ient#rules


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