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#1 2022-06-23 13:41:32

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Unable to display grub after rehabilitating secure boot

Hello guys,
i know that this question it could have been done many times, but i need help.
This is the first time that i install arch.
I've followed the install wiki and everything it's ok, but i need dual boot with windows 11 (w11 needs secure boot enabled, furthermore i cannot disable this option because it's a company rule).
I've read shim-signed setup
But it's a few advanced for me, furthermore i seemed to understand that shim it's changed a few.
Can anyone help me?

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#2 2022-08-25 09:38:21

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Re: Unable to display grub after rehabilitating secure boot

Hi ilfe98,

It sounds like you’re trying to dual boot with windows and arch but arch won’t boot with secure boot on. During the installation process, when you get to running ‘grub-install …’ whilst in arch-chroot, have you tried adding the flag —removable? (‘grub-install —removable …’)

I’ve installed arch on both my laptop and desktop and needed this flag both times due to struggling with secure boot and UEFI. As far as I can tell, it just views the boot image with the same regard as a live USB and can be booted using your BIOS boot menu (mine’s on F11).

It’s not as convenient but you can prioritise your default in BIOS settings and might be worth doing if you need your PC for work.

Hopefully this helps and please let me know if you find a better solution!


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