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Data Loss, Arch file system disappeared


I have been running Arch for multiple years now, and this laptop has been regularly updated weekly since installed about three months ago. I turned on my Thinkpad W541 laptop running Arch Linux this morning to catastrophically discover the system will not boot. The disk with important data is /dev/sda, a 2 terabyte Samsung 850 pro SATA SSD. I loaded up a debian-based ParrotOS SSD, listed below as /dev/sdb, to see if the 2TB Arch Linux SSD could be mounted for data recovery. To my knowledge, the filesystem had disappeared. Researching on my own, I attempted repairs with testdisk and now I suspect I am worse off than where I started. I am unable to boot into the operating system at this time, with the message 1234F displaying on my screen with no response from typing in anything. When attempting

cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 cryptroot

, and this should usually be /dev/sda3, I get the error message

mount: /mountpoint2: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/sda2_crypt, missing codepage or helper program, or other error

. I am unable to access very important files on this disk, and unfortunately my backups are a month old. Can somebody please point me in the right direction?

$cfdisk /dev/sda
                                                                                        Disk: /dev/sda
                                                                   Size: 1.86 TiB, 2048408248320 bytes, 4000797360 sectors
                                                                 Label: gpt, identifier: 62648424-7AD5-664A-8B2D-D7256AE742F3

    Device                                                  Start                            End                        Sectors                     Size Type
>>  Free space                                               2048                        2099199                        2097152                       1G                                      
    /dev/sda1                                             2099200                        2101247                           2048                       1M Linux filesystem
    Free space                                            2101248                       77596671                       75495424                      36G
    /dev/sda2                                            77596672                     3962825806                     3885229135                     1.8T Linux filesystem
    Free space                                         3962826752                     4000797326                       37970575                    18.1G

The correct partitioning should display /dev/sda1 as 1G of EFI space for my grub bootloader, 36GB of encrypted swap space, and the rest of the 2TB SSD should be assigned Linux Filesystem that holds a LUKS-encrypted root file system.

$lsblk -f
NAME                                          FSTYPE      FSVER LABEL     UUID                                 FSAVAIL FSUSE% MOUNTPOINT
├─sda1                                        ext2        1.0   cryptswap 4ecf53a6-0bad-4638-9c84-ccfaaa36abbd                
└─sda2                                        crypto_LUKS 2               9079693f-a375-4fed-8d6d-41a1586935fc                
  └─sda2_crypt                                btrfs                       97ae8789-30c1-4d51-9420-10e7c19a4cde                
├─sdb1                                        crypto_LUKS 1               97178d67-8fd9-4bec-9b5b-1a50e8948a37                
│ └─luks-97178d67-8fd9-4bec-9b5b-1a50e8948a37 btrfs                       82e31f03-3e10-450d-a10b-79eba59a2441   80.2G    60% /mountpoint
└─sdb2                                        crypto_LUKS 1               7814fc73-ac4c-4546-930f-eb94d27d8525                
  └─luks-7814fc73-ac4c-4546-930f-eb94d27d8525 swap        1               e58ac7ba-5d12-4585-a576-497962327885                [SWAP]


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