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Can't reboot into CD after initial install.

I'm working on my very first Arch Linux install into a VirtualBox running on Windows 10.

I can get through the install steps just fine.  Took a couple of tries to get it right.  Here's the problem though:

On my latest install, I forgot to install the packages for networking.  I can't download the packages without networking setup.  I tried to reboot into the install CD, since networking worked there, but somehow the grub menu on my hard drive keeps taking over.  I removed the hard drive from the BIOS boot order and it still does this.

Is there a way to tell grub to boot from the CD?


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Re: Can't reboot into CD after initial install.

This is a Windows 10 host and an Arch Client, correct?
What networking tools do you think you need.  Starting dhcpcd should be all you need -- your other problem not withstanding

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