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usb over current condition while boot / port not working / lenovo L460

I have a Problem with an old laptop of mine. I recently noticed an error message during boot along the lines:

usb over current condition on usb 1-3 and usb 1-4

Around the same time I also noticed, that my laptop discharges faster and I feel like it also discharges when powered off, even tho I did not thoroughly tested that yet.

Beginning to investigate I noticed that there is a process using lots of CPU. It is a kworker Process, something like kworker/1:9+pm. When I use PowerTOP, navigate to "tunables" and set "Autosuspend for USB device xHCI Host Controller [usb2]" from "Good" to "Bad" the Process stops draining CPU. Also I noticed that the left side USB of my Laptop no longer works. Right side usbs produce output in dmesg when plugging in a stick. On the one USB port on the left side there is no dmesg output at all when plugging in usbs. Therefore I assume, that the ports on the right are usb 1-1 and usb 1-2 (dmesg confirms that) but it leaves me wondering if the left side usb is 1-3 or 1-4 and also what the other usb bus is used for. The other peripherals (sd and 3.5mm Audio) work fine.

I plan on screwing my Laptop open and see if I notice something or maybe am able to remove the USB port because I think there is a short circuit somewhere there. But since I have no experience with hardware and am not sure if that works I would like to know if there are other things I could do first or if I am maybe on the wrong path altogether. Thanks for any feedback in advance!

I am here to learn. Feel free to message me about anything that might be interesting to me! Thanks wink


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