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Using the Same Arch Linux Installation for a Decade

I found this small website with a post from today: … -a-decade/
I also had troubles with X in the early days because NVidia was misbehaving. I'm running Wayland these days and it hasn't let me down yet.


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Re: Using the Same Arch Linux Installation for a Decade

The longer you use Arch the more apt you become at solving problems as they occur. And it becomes easy to forget all the things that broke - because you spend less and less time fixing them.

Newcomers on the other hand have not yet developed this habit, and may struggle when upstream is broken or Arch has packaging quirks. So posts like "I used Arch for X years and it hardly broke!" is not helpful to them in any way.

As to the comparison with Ubuntu, that's apples and oranges. If you only upgraded Arch every 3 years, the result would be entirely different.

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