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#1 2022-08-31 02:36:04

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Need advice on fixing a broken package

I recently discovered that the i3blocks package has a bug which causes it to improperly read the stdout of one of my scripts. I have since fixed the issue locally and would like to publish the fix to the package.

My first approach was to report the issue upstream, though it seems that the development has been dead for a few years. Someone even created a PR with the necessary fix and it has been pending since May 2020:

The way I see it, there are a few ways forward:

  • Fork the repo and add in the patch. Then create a new AUR package for my fork

  • Create new aur package for i3blocks and apply the patch via PKGBUILD

  • Adopt the existing i3blocks-git AUR package and apply patch (maintainer seems to have abandoned)

Which way is the best?


#2 2022-08-31 02:53:41

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Re: Need advice on fixing a broken package

If the current package is abandoned definitely just adopt that, don't make yet another package for no reason.

Then whether you fork the upstream repo or just apply the patch in the PKGBUILD seems like a toss up for which is "better" - though the latter would seem easier to me.

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Re: Need advice on fixing a broken package

i3blocks is in community, you could submit a bug report. Even better, you could also post a patch.

i3blocks-git has a maintainer. Maybe post a comment there also. However, there are reports that it fails to compile in the comments, so if this is true, then flag the package. If nothing happens after a while (~two weeks), submit an orphan request.


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